What is eLands Groups? How can I benefit from it and how much can I expect to earn?

eLands group is open to everyone but it is primarily intended to:
  1.  Involve locals who do not own a property for letting industry but wish to generate an extra income.
  2. For guests to be able to have a second person to contact (a backup person) for assistance and access to a wider range of services provided by the group leader. By doing so we truly go a step further for the guest to feel at home.
A typical example of the commission one could generate with eLands groups on a long let listing:
Let's say you have a family member like an uncle or a friend who owns an apartment to let at 1,000 a month. By listing it on your elands group elands will pay you 50% of the total commission generated, as long as the bookings are done through the elands platform. Thus, if we take as an example an apartment with a price tag of 1000 monthly and through elands it was booked for 1 year (which is the typical leasing length for a long let) you would be earning €500 as a one time fee till this apartment is leased again.
A typical example of the commission one could generate with elands groups on a short let listing:
Let's say you have a family member like an uncle or a friend who owns an apartment to let at 150 per day. By listing it on your eLands group, eLands will pay you 50% of the total commission generated, as long as the bookings are done through the eLands platform. Thus, if we take as an example an apartment with a price tag of 150 per day you would have the potential to earn €7.5 daily (€2,737.5 per year) as long as it is booked through the eLands platform. That is just the commission you generate from a booking but the reality is even better! You can also create and add extra value that would generate you even more! What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say that you come to an agreement with your friend or uncle who owns the property to let and he or she would like you to fully manage the listing, take care of the cleaning, help guests check in and check out, just to name a few… by doing so you can charge the landlord extra for these additional services that you are providing. But it does not only stop there, through the eLands groups you can also provide extra services to guests, some of which might be free, so as to give your group an extra edge on the competing properties leased that are not in your group.
You might also choose to provide other services and add a charge. Examples of such are airport pickup services, traditional food events or BBQ nights, fishing trips or hiking trips.
There are no limits to what you can do and how much you can earn. But remember! Always provide the services you can handle with excellence! In doing so you will build great reviews and will generate even more.

So how to create an eLands group?


  • First you would need to register or sign in
  • Click on *My eLands*


  • Choose the *Groups* field from the left side submenu

  • Click on *Create Group*

  • Enter a good and catchy name that best represents you - example Gozo Farmhouses and then click on *Create*

How to set up my eLands group?

The first step you should take before you start inviting hosts (landlords) to join your group, is to:

  • Add a short description. This will be the first information hosts read if they visit your elands group.
  • Add a PayPal email address. This is very important for you will receive your commission through PayPal. 
  • Describe who you are. Although not necessary this gives a better personal touch to your group which can help you in standing out.
  • Add services you offer to all members within the group and their guests (tenants). This is also not necessary but you can give extra incentives on why guests should choose to book a listing affiliated to your group! Moreover you can create services that carry a charge, to generate even more earnings. Example airport pick up services, personal chef, event organizer and so on. Make sure that those services that come with any charge are clearly shown and understood in the description.

How to invite hosts to my elands group?

Personal call or meeting a host directly to fill in the information together will always be the best way but other than that there are several ways to invite hosts from a distance.


The first option is to add the host directly yourself, by clicking on the Add a Host button as shown below.


When choosing this option you can create an account on behalf of a host. Once you fill the form as shown below, click on Register.


This will send an email notification to the host address to inform him and to ask him to verify and accept the account. Once the host accepts it will become available for you to associate a listing to his name.



The second option is to enter the host email address in the field shown below that is found in your group homepage and click on Send. In doing so, you will be submitting an invitation to a host to list his or her space on elands and associate it to your group. Using this option sometimes needs a little care, for you need to sometimes guide the host on how to associate his or her listing to your group. He or she has all the necessary information in the email invite but sometimes you would need to send him or her your group referral link directly.


Here is an example of a typical email the host receives



How to add a listing to my eLands group?

There are several ways to add a listing to your group, but first you need a host. For further information on how to add a host head to the FAQs, Groups category: How to invite hosts to my eLands group?.

An elands group is primarily intended for different hosts but that does not mean you cannot add your own property to let in the group. Thus, this leads to the first option of adding listings to your elands group:

Add your own property to let in your own elands group.

This can be done by following the link provided in your elands group home page as shown below.

Select the property or properties you would like to associate to your group and click on Submit.


Go to your group page and at the bottom of your elands group home page you can accept your own property to your group.

Please do note that listings that you own do not receive elands commission from bookings.


The second way to add a listing to your group is through a different host and to do so you have two options.

The first option is to talk to your host in person and ask him or her to list his or her property to let on eLands, once this is done, send him or her the group referral link and all that needs to be done is to follow the link, choose the property to be listed with your group, choose which permissions he or she would like to give you over his or her listing and click on submit.

You will then receive a notification to accept or decline the request in your elands group home page, at the bottom of the page.


For every booking these listings receive, as long as they remain associated to your elands group, you will receive 50% of the commission generated.


The second option you can add a listing to your group is by creating one yourself and associating it to a specific host that is already in your group.

Let’s say as an example that you have a host that asks you to split his or her house to let into separate rooms for letting.

This can be done by clicking on the button *Add a Listing* that is found on your elands group home page.


This will open a new field where it will ask you to select a host to whom this listing will belong too.


You can choose a host that you have created or a host that has at least one listing associated already to the group.


Once the host has been selected you can choose the category, if it’s a Property to let or Room for letting.


Below you can view an example where we selected the host to be *Kurt Darcia* and we also selected a listing type *Property to let*.


Once the listing is created click on Create and the selected host will receive an email asking him or her to verify that the listing is properly described and to accept or decline. Once accepted it will be visible and ready for booking.

*Note that if you are advertising the same property to be leased as an entire listing and at the same time available as separate rooms, you should synchronize the calendars to avoid overlapping booking requests.