Are there any scams I should watch out for? 


We at eLands do our best to protect all parties from any scams and we make sure that all transactions are incident-free while done through eLands. With that said it is good to be aware of potential scams.

We at eLands will never ask you for any personal information or payment information outside the site. So if you ever receive an email from anyone, including any email address, asking you to make any payments off-site we advise you not to do so and to immediately report it to eLands will never send you any PDF invoice from a lessor or from eLands itself, this is because all transactions occurring through eLands are monitored and give you all the protection you deserve.

To best protect you in your business we suggest you keep all communication and money transactions on eLands so we will have all information needed in case of any investigation requests. With that said we would also like to remind you that we cannot assist you with any transactions that do not go through eLands.