​What is eLands?

eLands is an online marketplace and booking platform which enables renters, also known as hosts, to rent out their entire properties or spare rooms to guests/ tenants. eLands takes no commission from hosts for short lets and charges guests only 3 to 10% from guests. When it comes to long lets eLands charges hosts and guests 0.5 to 4% depending on the leasing length.

eLands’ main purpose is to connect people who have property / space to sell or rent, with those who are looking for a place to buy or let.

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How does eLands work? 


Property for Sale > eLands is a gateway for people to sell their property/s. It is very easy to creat a free acount on elands and register any amount of property for sale.  The people interested to know more about the properties displayed on eLands can get in contact with the property owners or their sales agents by using the eLands messaging system. 

Rentals > eLands is a gateway for tenants from all over the world to rent spaces from lessors. The interested tenant/s gets in contact with the lessors using the eLands messaging system to confirm availability. After the lessor accepts their request they submit a reservation booking request and they will be directed to pay the reservation deposit. Some lessors may also ask for a security deposit, this deposit will be clearly featured on the pricing breakdown of that rental space but will not be charged through eLands with the booking deposit. For more information about how eLands handles security deposits please follow this link. The booking deposit is forwarded to the lessor 48 hours after that his/her tenant checks in; as for the remaining payments the lessor collects it directly from the tenant, either in person or via any other transaction that they both agree on. You will need to know that there will be a small charge of 3% on the deposit transaction to cover the bank transaction fees. Other than that eLands makes money when you make money. eLands adds a small 3% to 10% fee on asking price to cover the administration and website fees.



How do I create an account? 


Creating an account on eLands is very simple and is totally free

Start by visiting our website at www.elands.com then click the ‘Register’ link found at the centre-top of the page as shown below.


Alternatively visit http://elands.com/register which will take you directly to the registration page.

Once there, fill out the form in its entirety and click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page. When you have successfully registered an account with eLands, you will receive an introductory e-mail which will provide an activation link to your account**. This will officially activate your account which enables you to start your journey on eLands. Alternatively, you can input the code in the activation window which will be present at the end of the registration process.

**At eLands we value your personal data as private and sensitive, therefore it is recommended to keep a copy of your account details stored in a safe place as you might need it in the future as a way to prove ownership



What are the service fees?


Once you get a booking your clients pay the reservation deposit. You will need to know that there will be a small transaction charge. Other than that eLands has a ‘’Service fee’’ where on bookings, your clients contribute an additional 3% to 10% fee to help cover the cost of running eLands.

When you get a booking the Total Price showed is the complete price of a reservation with the service fees added. Both service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal. In some cases depending on the location involved, VAT on the service fees may be included as an additional amount.



How can I get featured on the eLands homepage in the ‘’Today’s deal?


Today’s deal is selected by our special eLands team, and there is no way to apply to appear here, the only way to be featured here is to have a unique/special property for sale or to rent followed by great service and price.

There are still a number of ways you can take advantage of promoting your listing. Please have a look at our FAQ guidance on how to promote your listing by clicking on this link



How can I get in contact with eLands? 


Our 24/7 eLands Customer Service is found at http://www.elands.co/customer-support and a member of our staff will get back to you within 2 working days.

Would like to point out that if your question or query involves a reservation that you made on eLands, the best person to reach out to is often the host/landlord (property representative) of that space. You can simply do so by using the message thread function. 

You should also know that most of the questions regarding your account can also be found in eLands FAQs.

You can search by keyword, or browse by category at http://elands.co/faqs