What if a host informs me that the listing I already paid for is now unavailable but they have an alternative?

Although it is rare, everyone can make mistakes and sometimes a host may end up with a double booking on the same rental because of human error or lack of management. If this happens and the host makes up for the mistake by offering you another space to stay, similar or better to what you have booked which is also listed on eLands and you are ok with this change, you can accept. On accepting the host would need to make a Booking Cancellation and the tenant will have the option in your booking tab to transfer the booking deposit on the other listing of your choosing. Last minute cancellations made by a host may affect the placement of that listing in the eLands pages. For more information please have a look at the eLands Cancellation Policy.

If no agreement could be reached all tenants can claim the eLands Tenant Refund Policy where eLands will fully refund the deposit. You can always book another rental but if you would need any assistance, our eLands Support team is just an email/ phone call away.



What is the Guest / Tenant Refund Policy?

The Tenant Refund Policy is there to ensure and give tenants peace of mind. The Tenant Refund Policy enforces that:

  • All rental spaces meet the minimum quality standards which are: safety, sanitation, access,

  • The rental description reflects the rental space itself.

  • If a host cancels a booking after the booking deposit was processed, eLands gives an option to tenants to transfer the Booking Reservation on another space or receive a full refund of their deposit.

If the tenant makes a claim because of quality standards, he or she needs to do so within 24 hrs from the check in time and must provide eLands with evidence such as photographs or videos. It is requested also for those tenants to respond and comply with the eLands Help and Safety team's requests for information and cooperation. It is important that every tenant knows that they must firstly try to resolve any issue with the host first. Many times these issues can be resolved much faster by simply talking to the host directly with any concerns. Keep in mind that the eLands Help and Safety team is only an email / phone call away.

For more information regarding the Tenant Refund Policy please visit our Terms and Conditions 



How do I get a refund?

Guests can get a refund for many reasons but for each situation, certain conditions may apply.

Such conditions include:

  • Guest cancellations: If for any reason you cancel your reservation after the booking reservation deposit is processed you will lose only your deposit. If you need to cancel your booking reservation because you notice that the Host had or is breaking any of the eLands PoliciesRules and Regulations then you will need to click on the Report the User to eLands link in your booking tab. An eLands representative will review the issue and get in touch with you in 2 to 3 working days with the outcome of the investigation. If the Host is proven that he or she broke any of the eLands policies or regulations, a full refund of your deposit will immediately be transferred to your eLands account where you can transfer it to your bank account or use it to book another listing.  

  • Host cancellations: If your host cancels, you have the option to transfer your payment to a new listing on eLands, or you can choose to transfer your money back to your bank account.

  • Alterations: Alteration requests can only be submitted before a reservation request has been accepted and the payment has been processed. Both hosts and tenant can submit alterations for booking requests, provided that the booking was not accepted.

  • Guest Refund Policy: If you checked in to your listing and feel that there is something wrong, or you feel that the listing is not like the description you agreed to when you booked, you will need to make a claim for a refund by clicking on the report button in your Booking tab or Contact us directly. For more information visit our Refund section.

  • Expired credit card: Refunds by eLands will always be processed to your eLands account. From there it is up to you to choose what to do with the money. You can transfer it back to your bank account/ credit card or use it to book another listing. When a refund is processed to a card that is expired or canceled, your Credit Card Company or bank is responsible for forwarding you the refund. So to avoid having problems please make sure that your credit card is not expired before transferring any payments.


Once your refund request is approved you will receive an email from eLands and the money will be transferred to your eLands account, from there you can transfer the money to your bank account or use it to book a new reservation.  

Usually, refunds issued to credit cards can take up to 5-7 business days to show on your statement after they are processed by eLands.

Refunds issued to international credit cards can take up to 30 days to be show on your statement.

Refunds issued to PayPal accounts occur within 24 hours

How do I report something's wrong when I check in?

If you feel that something isn’t right when you check in the first step we suggest is to contact your host right away to see if they can resolve any issues you may have. It is not always possible that everything is up to your expectations but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. As such we strongly suggest to first let your Host know about your issue and give him/her the chance to fix it.

From our experience we notice that 95% of the issues the Host manages to solve them quickly. Do not worry to reach out to your host and try to work things out together for in the end all hosts wish that you experience a great stay, so that you can promote their listing and leave positive feedback in the eLands Reviews.

Remember that once you finalize the booking deposit payment, you should receive an email from eLands containing a copy of the agreed listing description and amenities. If you notice that something is missing or isn’t as described you will be entitled to a refund.

In the event that you think you are entitled for a refund because you and your host have not been able to resolve the issue, please report within the first 24 hours after you check in. You can do this by:

  • Contacting us to document the issue and place a hold on the host's payment.
  • Taking photographs or video clips of the issue. This is important for us so that we can verify what happened. All evidence has to be clear and if the eLands team finds any tampering with the evidence you present, the case will be closed.

Should your host be unreachable or unresponsive, we will work on issuing you an adequate partial refund if you decide to stay or a full refund if you decide to leave, as we deem appropriate.

Please keep in mind the policy does not apply beyond 24 hours, but we can still help you mediate with your host if you've tried reaching out with no response.


** In case of an emergency or you feel your personal safety is threatened, contact the local police or emergency services immediately. **