What will I be requested to pay when a Hosts accepts my Booking Request?

eLands is a gateway for guests / tenants from all over the world to rent spaces from Hosts/ lessors. The interested guest gets in contact with the host using the eLands Booking Request system to confirm availability.

After the lessor accepts the request the guest will be directed to pay the Reservation Deposit. Some lessors / Hosts, might also ask for a security deposit, this deposit will be clearly featured on the pricing breakdown of that rental space but will not be charged through eLands with the booking deposit. For more information about how eLands handles security deposits please follow this link.

The booking deposit is forwarded to the lessor 24 after that his/her Guest checks in as for the remaining payments the Host will need to collect it directly from the Tenant / Guests, either in person or via any other transaction that they both agree on.

You will need to know that there will be a small charge of 3% on the deposit transaction to cover the bank transaction fees.

Other than that eLands makes money when you make money!

What do I do if a host asks me for more money than what it shows on eLands?

The price and all details should be clearly displayed on the listing you are renting. Upon booking eLands will save a copy of all the Description, Amenities. House rules, Address and Price in your Booking tab. Here you can find all the original details you agreed on during the time you made the booking. If a lessor asks for more money than what you agreed on in your Booking Reservation then you are entitled not to pay and eLands will supply you with the needed information if you get the authorities involved. Moreover eLands will open an investigation to check if the lessor and tenant followed the eLands Listing Guidelines & Rules, and appropriate actions may be taken.

We are aware that some lessors might ask for security deposits or taxes to be paid at check-in. eLands has a strict policy that tax should be included in the listing price and if a security deposit is requested it should also be clearly shown in the appropriate space in that listing page. All payments should be listed in the listing’s payment breakdown displayed on eLands or tenants might be entitled to claim the eLands Refund Policy. On rare occasions where a lessor increases the price during your stay please contact eLands Support and our team will be in contact with the lessor within 24 hours. Please note that all transactions done outside eLands are done at your own risk.



Will I need to pay taxes on my reservation bookings?

Tax is a very delicate matter for it varies greatly from one country to the other. Some hosts are required to charge a tax whilst others are not – eg. Dubai is tax free. We always suggest that the shown price on eLands includes any such fees and if on any occasion there are other legal fees we ask the host to be very clear about it in the description.