What does each message status mean?

Messages and requests you receive have different statuses. These statuses can be one of the following:

Inquiry – This is when a tenant contacts a host before a booking to obtain certain information like confirming the availability of certain dates. 

Pending – This is when a tenant makes a booking request but the host has yet to accept or decline. Tenants are requested to get back to their prospective clients within 24 hrs for after this time expires that booking request changes to Expired and the tenant would need to make a new request. Not replying within 24 hrs will affect the placement of your listing in eLands search results.

Accepted – This is when a host accepts a tenant's booking request. The next step would be to pay the booking deposit and your booking would be complete.

Declined – This is when a host declines a reservation request, the tenant will receive notice that his booking request was declined. hosts are requested to send their reason for declining a booking request. Although this is rare the tenant would then need to book with another host. At this point no payments are processed.

Expired - A tenant submits a reservation request, but the host does not accept or decline the request within the 24-hour time frame. When a reservation request expires, the tenant is free to book with another host, as no payment is charged.

Cancelled - You have a cancelled reservation with a tenant or host. If the tenant cancels the booking after the deposit was done, the host will still be entitled for that deposit. If the host cancels the booking the tenant will be reimbursed the full deposit payment and eLands personnel will assist you to book another place (if requested). Both tenant and host have the option to change the booking dates before the reservation deposit is paid

Not Possible – when more than 1 tenant sends a booking request for the same dates. After the host chooses one, the other booking request with conflicting dates, will change to Not Possible.

How do I send messages from eLands?

Sending a message on eLands is very easy, simply click on ‘Contact Me’ on the listing’s page, or after a booking reservation is set both host and guest can use the ‘’Send Message’’ function which is found in ‘’My Bookings’’ Tab.

Communication is very important.