How do I travel through eLands?

Your first step is to create your eLands account followed by a good clear face photo.

Your second step is to choose the destination you want to go to. It is very easy to search on eLands. Remember you can also add listings to your Wish Lists to review later on, compare and share with your friends. Once you make up your mind where to go send a Booking request and keep an eye on your email inbox or elands notifications for a reply from the Host.

Once your booking request has been confirmed you will receive an email which will take you to the eLands payment page where you will be asked to enter your payment details and confirm. 

Right after you confirm your payment you will receive a billing receipt.

Last but not least, upon check out, eLands will send you an email to leave a review (if you like) on the property you just rented. We truly value your opinion and we would be honored if you share your experience and suggestions.



Can I book and pay on behalf of a friend or family member?

For the tenant/tourist to be protected by eLands refund policies and 24/7 help line, one of the requirements is that he or she must have an eLands account. Having an account will help the eLands support to review and check all the information regarding the booking. We require that the payment should be done by someone who is actually going to stay at the premises. Ideally people staying at those premises/rental, have an eLands account to facilitate and enable eLands to better help and protect everyone. The more transparent the relationship between us (eLands) and you, the better the experience.

For more information please email our 24/7 eLands Customer Service team.

Many questions regarding setting up of an account or making a reservation can be found here in our FAQs. You can search by keyword, or browse by category.

What is the eLands' Privilege Card about?

Once you make a booking on eLands you will receive a welcome package through mail. In the welcome package you will find a Privilege Card. This Card gives you a number of benefits all over the world like discounts on restaurants/ transportation/ historical visit access/ privileged access and services. The list keeps going. This list of offers and services varies from one country to another and to check where and what you can benefit simply sign in your eLands account go to ‘’My eLands’’ then select ‘’Special offers’’ input the location and sort which category of offers you like to check out. If it is Restaurants in Rome, a Boat ride on the traditional ‘’Maltese Dghajsa’’ around the historical fortifications in Malta or to get a cheaper car/bus rental or taxi service, you can find it here. 

Do not forget to leave a comment after you use that offer. Your feedback means a lot to us and the more feedback and comments you leave the better these services and offers get.

Another way to benefit from the eLands Privilege Card is that one you make a booking through eLands you can input the unique code that is case sensitive to your account and name and the total price of your booking and eLands will sponsor part of your bookings.

Now isn’t travelling more fun?

Who can benefit from my Privilege Card?

  • When making a booking you can enter your Privilege Card number in the listing page which is case sensitive to your account and name. By doing so eLands will sponsor a percentage of the global price of your booking and all those who travel with you will benefit.

  • When it comes to offers and services that one can find in the Special Offers tab in his/her account, they vary greatly from one offer to another. You might get restaurants that give you a 50% discount on all the food when you present the Premium Card but you might find services like trains or busses that only give a discount to that Card holder.  



How can I get my eLands Privilege Card?

To get a Privilege Card you need to make a booking on eLands and you will receive a welcome package through the mail. In this welcome package you can find the Premium Card.

If you are travelling with a partner / family or friends you have the option to order more Privilege Cards. For eLands to release such Welcome Packages, the people travelling with you must create an account on eLands and provide the necessary information requested to activate their Privilege Card.



Where do I enter my Privilege Card Code?

On eLands you can enter you Privilege Card Code by entering the number in the Privilege code space provided when making a booking. After applying your Code number eLands will sponsor a percentage (between 3 to 10%) of your total booking amount. 

If your Privilege Card Code is not working, there may be a number of reasons.

Privilege Card Code Expired > Privilege Cards has a 1 year expiration date, after 1 year from your first booking through eLands the card expires and eLands will send you a new one after your next booking.  

The Privilege Card you have is not yours> all Privilege Card Codes are account sensitive and can only be used on the same account there made the first booking. If you are not the owner of that Privilege Card, the code will never work but soon after you create your own account and make your first booking eLands will mail you your welcome package, in it you will find your own Privilege Card. If the Privilege Card is yours but is not working please get in contact with our eLands Support team.

Where do I find my billing receipt and Booking Information?

All Booking requests and Confirmed Bookings are stored in your Bookings tab. Attached to every booking one can find a copy of the booking receipt for the eLands service fee. You can find the Bookings tab by Signing in your account and entering the ‘’My eLands’’ section found at the top of the page. Any changes to the Bookings such as cancellations are automatically updated here.

From the host view s/he will find:

  • Check-in time and day

  • Number of tenants, names and contact information

  • A saved copy of the listing description, amenities, house rules from when the Booking reservation was processed

  • eLands Messaging System

  • Breakdown of price including the paid deposit and the remaining amount to be paid on arrival.


From the guest view s/he will find:

  •   Check-in time and day

  •   Name and contact information of the lessor

  •   A saved copy of the listing description, amenities and house rules from when the Booking reservation was processed

  •   eLands Messaging System

  •   Break down of price including the paid deposit and the remaining amount to be paid on arrival

How would I know if reservation is accepted or declined?

When a booking is accepted or declined, its’ status will show as Accepted or Declined in your Booking tab.


Guests: Once your booking request has been accepted, you will receive an email notification from eLands with the details of your booking.

Hosts: Once you accepted or declined your booking request, you will receive an email notification from eLands and your listing calendar will be updated.