What are my obligations as a property seller?


We understand that when you are selling a home/ property you would aim to get the best price for it but it is important that in your eLands property description you state only the facts that best reflect your property.


We suggest that if you plan on making any improvements to your home/ property, you should do so before you list it on eLands. Remember that a photo is worth a thousand words and eLands gives you space to upload as many photos as your heart desires but, with that said, remember that sometimes having a few good photos with the proper lighting and atmosphere is worth much more than having 100 random photos showing no taste or feeling.


For information regarding improvement ideas to your property please click here.


In some countries the law requires a disclosure form to your prospective clients.  We recommend that you have this in hand before you list your property on eLands for some of your clients might send you a private message requesting this.


* The disclosure statement requires you to inform your potential clients about your property. This can include information such as the last date you maintained the roof or if you have any leaks/ bad plumbing that you know of. Usually the disclosure statement covers about five pages which will require your signature confirming that to the best of your knowledge all the information you gave is true and correct. *


Another requirement is that you display correctly where the property is on the maps provided by eLands. This gives your prospective buyer a better idea of the surroundings of your property.