What services or amenities should I offer as a Host?

This is up to you! eLands enables you to offer your clients/ tenants any service and amenities you would like. Offering services like access to the kitchen/ pool or services like Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner will certainly draw you more clients. It is important that you at least offer the required basic living conditions which are; a clean comfortable room/ property to stay with access to basic utilities like access to clean water. Make sure to describe your space/ Amenities and House Rules clearly for this is one of the factors that directly affect the eLands tenant refund policy.

We find it important to reply to your potential clients’ booking requests by not later than 24 hrs. eLands will be monitoring your response time, this helps you rank up our listing pages. The quicker you are in replying/ the most positive feedback you will attract even more clients.

What are the Host Obligations?

We at eLands understand that not everyone can offer a 5 star service to their clients but we enforce some Host Obligations that reflects the minimum standard one can comfortably live in. We encourage you to go though our Host Obligations because they affect our Tenant Refund Policy.

A short brief about eLands Host Obligations is that you should make sure that your listing meets our minimum living standards which are: cleanliness, safety, and access. This should be reflected clearly in your description on your eLands pages. It is very important that you provide your tourists with all the services and amenities that you show in your listing’s photos and if providing any service, they have to be a mirror of what they can find in your description.

We also suggest you provide your clients with your contact information and if you find it difficult to be available make sure you provide your clients and us (the eLands team) with an alternative point of contact before your client/s check-in. Make sure you use the message thread to ask them what they might need during their stay so you can better prepare. The happier your clients the more you will earn.

Although this is not an Obligation, we would like to take this opportunity to point out that the warmer and more welcome you make your clients feel the more your business will flourish. People tend to notice small things like a welcome note or some local treats near their bed.

Listing Guidelines and Rules

When creating and adding a listing on eLands you are agreeing that we reserve the right to remove any content (in whole or part), that violates eLands guidelines that are clearly stated in the Terms of Service.

If any of the following points are not adhered to, eLands will remove and ban the account in question and in some cases take legal action against those that:

  • Create a listing that advertises a product or service instead of a rental.

  • Enters Malware or virus links in his/her pages

  • Input any content that promotes violence or illegal activity

  • Input any content that is created to be used as extortion

  • Input any content that is fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive

  • Input any content that refers or reflects on an eLands investigation

  • Review or input any content that break the data protection act, violates another person's privacy rights, example: typing host or tenant’s full name or address in a Review.

  • Attempts to impersonate another person

  • Use vulgar, threatening, libelous, slanderous, obscene or any other improper language

  • Input any other content that break the Terms of Service agreement.

Review Policy and Rules

The eLands Review Policies and Rules are there to protect the misuse of reviews by Guests or Hosts. Both Host and Guest must follow the following rules or they may be subject to a range of actions such as a termination of that account or in some cases legal actions.

  • Guest/ Tenant has no right to threaten a lessor with a negative review, to do something they are not obligated to do. If a host reports any activity with all the evidence required, eLands may ban those users from any or all of eLands services.

  • Host/ Lessor cannot threaten a guest to leave a positive review or rating. If a guest reports such an activity and provides all the required evidence, eLands may ban that host's account from any or all of eLands services.

For more information or to report any misuse of a review simply get in contact with our eLands Support Team. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping all contact and communication within the eLands messaging system. This will help any possible investigation. If a guest or a host provides evidence that did not go through the eLands messaging system it may be considered as not valid for in some cases it could be too easy to forge. The only external evidence accepted is with the means of photos or videos.

What are the minimum quality standards requested to rent a living space on eLands?

The minimum quality standards are based on 3 factors which are:

  • safety,

  • sanitation,

  •  access,

With these 3 factors in mind eLands request lessor to provide:

  • Clean accommodation with clean fresh bedding and towels, before the arrival of any tenants

  • Basic access to heating equipment or proper bedding covers. If the lessor specifies any equipment in the description s/he must make sure that everything it is properly functioning before the arrival of his/her tenants. The description is a legal contract and if unable to provide all services mentioned in it, the tenant will be entitled to claim the eLands Refund Policy.  

  • Basic access to cooling equipment such as fans. If the lessor specifies any equipment in the description s/he must make sure that it is properly functioning before the arrival of his/her tenants. The description is a legal contract and if unable to provide all services mentioned in it, the tenant will be entitled to claim the eLands Refund Policy

  • Access to hot and cold water with basic properly functioning bathroom accessories like a sink and shower.

  • All appliances (like, wireless internet, air conditioning, cable TV) listed in the description are available and functional

  • All images/Photos shown in your eLands listing reflect your Rental Space and are up to date

  • It is very important that if you are renting a room from a space where others are living/renting you clearly state if you have any pets for some people are afraid or allergic.

  • Access to the windows, doors of that rental space and locks are properly functional.

  • The sanitation of the space is properly executed with no health and safety issues like exposure to hazard substances such as lead paint or asbestos. Also the space needs to be clean from any type of vermin such as insects.

  • Basic access to electricity and proper lighting.

  • The property representative is available to resolve any issues that may arise during the stay of that tenant.

  • Last but not least you need to have all necessary permissions to offer your accommodations or part of your accommodation for let/rent. This includes ensuring that you will not violate any agreements you had already entered into with any third parties such as any agreements or rules with a landlord and you also need to be in compliance with all applicable laws, Tax requirements, and rules and regulations that may apply in your country.


These are the basic conditions requested from all lessors and if any are not met, tenants will have the right to claim a refund.

When tenants claim a refund eLands opens an investigation and will request evidence to support the tenant’s claims. The result of this investigation may affect that rental space by:

  • Getting negative reviews and falling behind in eLands rental search pages

  • Cancelation of any future bookings together with a  Suspension of that listing(s) until the space reaches eLands minimum standards

  • Permanent removal of your listing(s) and your account from eLands