How do I cancel my reservation as a tenant?

To cancel or alter your reservation, go to in your Booking Tab found in ‘’My eLands’’. There you can Alter or Cancel a Booking Reservation. Please remember that when you cancel a reservation, your account will be the party responsible for the cancellation and that may affect the outcome. For more information please have a look at the eLands Cancellation Policy.

Upon cancellation your Booking Reservation will change its status to “Cancelled’’.

Tenants / Guests who cancel their Booking Reservation are not entitled to apply for the eLands Tenant Refund Policy unless the lessor had violated the eLands Minimum Quality Standards or if the rental description does not reflect the rental space the tenant booked. For more information please have a look at the eLands Tenant Refund Policy.

If the lessor cancels the booking Reservation, the Tenant will immediately get a full refund of his or her deposit and the option to place that refund on another listing. When a lessor cancels a booking reservation his/her listing might be affected in placement on the eLands pages. For more information please have a look at the eLands Cancelation Policy.

How do I alter a Booking reservation?

Altering a reservation is very easy but first please discuss such changes with your host or guest using the elands messaging system before submitting an alteration request.

To ask for an alteration request you have to Sign in, in your elands account and head to My elands > Go to My Bookings tab > click on Update Booking > this will take you to the listing page were you can submit the changes request to your Host or Guest/s. 

Both hosts and guests can adjust the dates, modify the number of guests, and modify the price of the reservation booking and more.

If the alteration is accepted, the booking will be automatically updated according to the new reservation details; the guest will be charged or refunded according to the change in price and that listing’s calendar updated.

 If the alteration is declined or not considered, the original reservation details will stay in effect.

The pricing is adjusted automatically according to the new reservation. If with the new changes the guest is entitled to a refund, he or she will receive the money automatically in his/her eLands account were it can be transferred to his bank account or used on another booking.

What do I do if a host cancels my Booking Reservation?

On such rare occasions that a host cancels a Booking Reservation after the deposit was processed you should rest assured that your payment is secure and will be automatically transferred fully to your eLands account.

Upon a cancelation you will be immediately notified through email and depending were you live you will be notified through email or SMS that your reservation was cancelled. eLands, will immediately transfer your booking deposit into your elands account, where from there you will have 2 options:

  • The first option is to transfer the deposit to another listing. This can be easily done because once the lessor/host cancels your booking request elands automatically transfers your deposit to your account where you can use it to book another listing.

  • The second option is transferring your deposit 0(including all eLands service fees) back to your bank account.

In general, refunds issued to credit cards can take 5-7 business days to be reflected on your statement after they are processed by eLands. Refunds issued to PayPal accounts occur within 24 hours.

Although it hardly ever happens, if a host cancels your reservation during your stay, a full refund is not guaranteed since you may have to pay for the nights you stayed in the listing. eLands will reach out to you directly if this is the case.

What is the eLands Cancellation Policy about?

The Cancellation policy in eLands varies depending at which point the tenant or the host makes a Cancellation.

We feel that it is eLands duty to best protect our tenants/ guests and lessor/ hosts rights in the best way possible, and to do so we created a cancellation policy platform.

This policy varies on which party is making the cancelation.

If it is the Tenant who is making the cancelation after the booking deposit has been processed, the host would still be entitled to it by law. The reason for this is that after the booking was processed that space’s calendar would be marked as Booked and reserved to you. As so that space would no longer be visible to anyone who tries to search for a space to rent during those days. To best protect both parties after a reservation booking is completed eLands considers any cancellation made from a tenant as a ‘’Last minute cancelation’’ and the host would still get the full booking deposit unless the tenant reports any violation made by that host. The tenant will have up to 24 hrs after the scheduled check in time to make any claim.  For more information visit the eLands Tenant Refund Policy

If it is the host who is making the cancelation after the booking deposit was processed the tenant will get a full refund of his deposit and have the option of moving that Booking deposit to another reservation space or just getting his/ her money back in his bank account. When such actions are taken eLands opens an investigation to see if any policies were broken. When the host cancels a booking reservation, his/ her listing will be affected in the placement in the eLands pages and might get a negative review from his/her tenants who were affected by this cancelation. We understand that there might be some rare circumstances where the host has no other choice but to cancel a booking reservation. Because of such extreme circumstances, such as fire or death, the host has the possibility to explain it to the eLands Support Team, and if provided with all the needed evidence the listing placement will not be affected.