How does check-in work?

It is up to the guests and hosts to work out the details for checking in and checking out time directly with each other. The host can set a specific time on his listing page for the check in and check out but the guest/s can always use the eLands messaging system to arrange the check in / check out times. 

Host: remember to give your guest/s all the information needed for a smooth check-in, such as coordinating the exchanging of the keys. Try use the elands messaging system so your guest can always recall back to your message if needed.

*Note that:

Host & Guest: Communication is essential.  Make sure to have an easy and efficient direct line of communication. Once the guest paid the reservation deposit we suggest to the host to give them his/her mobile number or telephone number.

Host: A good host is one who makes sure that his guest experiences a great time during their stay. As such we suggest going the extra mile to assist your guest as best you can. This will result in great reviews and will help you build a great reputation.

The typical scenario would be if the host or his/her representative greets guests in person to exchange keys and important instructions. Although we don’t suggest it, we occasionally find hosts who send the keys and instructions through the mail.