How does eLands handle security deposits? 


A security deposit is a reasonable sum of money held in trust by the property owner to save guard the welfare of his property and to ensure the cost of repair in relation to any damage done during the renting of the property or space.

We at eLands know that a security deposit helps protect both parties and in some cases it is necessary, however, although we offer the function where the lessor can showcase the amount s/he would need as a security deposit on rentals, we feel that we cannot serve as the judge & jury and take sides without being present during any claimed damages. We do suggest though that the lessor asks for an off-site security deposit and that it is stated in the listing before any booking request. 



How do I include a security deposit on my listing?


We at eLands understand that a Security deposits help to protect you. This can be easily added when you are Creating your listing or if the listing has been already created simply Sign in your eLands account, head to ‘’My eLands’’ then select your ‘’Listings’’ tab. From here locate the listing you like to update and choose the Manage button underneath the listing. Then locate the field named Security deposit.

Note : the security deposit will apply to reservations made thereafter, not to those already booked.