How do I know a reservation is accepted or confirmed?

  • Tenant / Guest: When you send a request for a rental on eLands you will receive a reply from the host within 24 hrs. Until then the message will be marked as pending. Once the host (property representative) accepts your reservation the message status in your inbox will change to ‘’Accepted’’ and you will receive an email notification from eLands. If the host fails to reply within 24 hrs eLands has a policy that will automatically change the status of the message to ‘’Expired’’. If on some rare occasion the host finds a problem in renting, he/she will change the tenant request to Declined. Last but not least, if the Tenant makes other arrangements and no longer needs that rental, he/she can change the status of his/ her request to Cancelled. If the tenant cancels after he has made the booking reservation payments, the host is still entitled to that reservation deposit.


  • Host / Property owner or representative: Once you have a request for a booking of your rental space you will need to accept the reservation request so that your client can transfer the booking payment. The next step would be to coordinate the details of the check-in. 

How much time do I have to respond to a Tenant’s reservation request?

Depending on the booking, eLands gives you 24 to 48 hours to officially respond to your client’s reservation request before the reservation automatically expires.

Before accepting eLands gives you the facility to reply or message your client. You can respond to the reservation request by clicking on the green button with the word ‘’Accept’’ or the red button with the word ‘’Decline’’. 

In your Booking Requests you can find the time you have remaining before the request expires.

Using the messaging system does not affect the 24/48h timer for the booking request to expire.

From our experience, tenants love a fast response, or they might look elsewhere. We strongly suggest you monitor your emails daily for booking requests and we advise you to reply to any booking request even if you have to turn it down. Try to accept or decline within 24hours you get the request for if it expires it will affect the placement of your listing in the eLands pages.