How much should I charge to rent my space/property?

This is up to you! You know your property better than anyone so it’s up to you to charge which ever price you see fit but with that said we at eLands suggest you take a look at your competitors listed in your area to make a better decision.

It is obvious that keeping your prices low will generate more bookings but the amount of Services and Amenities that you offer can also play a big role when people evaluate your pricing. You should keep in mind that like any other business you should grow slowly and once you have positive reviews and bookings then you will be able to charge higher prices.

Try to get as much feedback from clients as you can for this is a great way to add value to your price.

How do I edit my pricing settings?

To edit your listing/s pricing settings you need to first Sign In your eLands account then go to ‘’My eLands’’ choose the listing you want to make any changes to and choose ‘’Prices & Calendar’’ from the submenu.  Here you can add: basic nightly price, weekly price, Monthly Price, Additional Guest Charge, Cleaning fees, Custom Month Price and also Custom Night Price. The custom night price can be edited by clicking on the desired date/s to change and the ‘’Custom Night Price’’ field will appear in the Settings section which can be found under the Base Prices section.

These pricing changes won’t affect pricings of already accepted booked reservations.

Last but not least remember to click on Submit to save your changes!

This gives guests a better idea of the potential reservation total while doing searches.