How do I edit my listing?

You can manage and edit your listing(s) by Signing-in your account and go in ‘’My eLands’’ then under your listing choose > Manage.

Please note that all changes made will not affect Booking reservations already processed. Regardless of the check-in date, the Booking Reservations with the deposit process are based on the information you gave at that time.

Any commitments made must be maintained otherwise the tenants could be entitled to the eLands Tenant Refund Policy.


How do I list multiple rooms in the eLands Room Rental section, which are at the same address?

Listing multiple rooms requires the rooms to be created on separate listings. Every room should be allocated its individual listing, its own calendar and description of services. For example, if you wish to rent 2 rooms, you would need to create 2 separate listings.

In cases where the same property is listed as individual rooms and at the same time as a whole property rental you must make sure you are always managing and personally updating all your calendars as so to prevent double bookings.  In other words if you rent out the entire property make sure you update and personally block those days on all the other room listings that are of the same address. 


How do I use and edit my eLands calendar?

Once you have created a Rental listing on your eLands account it is important your calendar is always up-to-date showing your availability and pricing rates. To manage and edit your calendar simply log in your accounts and click on ‘’My eLands’’, from there choose the listing you would like to edit and click on ‘’Manage’’. The next step is to choose Calendar & Pricing and edit away! The Calendar will also keep you informed of all the booking reservations you have coming up.

Calendar days are divided in half and display nightly prices. This is to help you manage the check-in and checkout of your guests. A reservation that ends on the 10th, for example, will only show the top half of the 10th as unavailable since you are free to host a new guest on the night of the 10th. eLands reservations are shaded pink, and dates that you have marked as unavailable for other reasons will show in grey.

Note: If a Tenant is checking out on the 7th, your eLands Calendar will still display the 7th as being available for any new Tenant to book for booking reservations are based on available nights.

If you want to edit a particular day/ week or monthly price making it a custom price, simply select the days/ weeks or months you want to give a custom price to and input the prices in the custom prices section. Then click on ‘’Submit’’ to save all your changes.

Now you can set weekend seasonal pricing with ease!

How do I hide or delete my listing?

You can turn your listing on or off by going to My eLands -> in the bottom of every listing box you will find the option to make the listing visible or hidden in the search results by just clicking or “Show’’ or “Hide”.

When your listing is hidden it will not appear in search results but all of your past reviews will remain attached to your listing until you decide to delete it.

Once your listing is hidden the only people who can view it are your Tenants who have a Booking Request or Booking Confirmation.

Your listing cannot be deleted if you have a pending Booking request/ confirmation.