How do I list my space on eLands?

1. The first step is to Sign up, create a great profile, and upload a profile photo.

2. Once you are signed in, listing your space is very easy, just click the List Your Space button and describe your space truthfully and accurately. Select the appropriate amenities to add more value to your listing.

3. Customize your pricing by adding a security deposit fee together with a cleaning fee, if needed, and a day to day/ monthly pricing on your calendar. You can customize particular day/s with different pricings.

Upon bookings the calendar updates automatically showing when your space is or is not available but you should remember to show your personal availability as well in the calendar to make sure tourists do not try to book your space when you are not available!

4. Last but not least input your payment information correctly so we can pay you!

Upon any reservation requests you will get a notification through mobile and email where you can browse your guest's profile and reply to any messages they may have sent. 

eLands will never provide anyone with your private information such as phone number or personal email, so you would need to reply back to them using the eLands messaging system. Once the booking is confirmed and your guest submits the booking deposit, the elands messaging system will enable you to share personal information such as phone/mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. eLands staff has the right to monitor chats to safeguard YOU!

How much should I charge to rent my space/property?

This is up to you! You know your property better than anyone so it’s up to you to charge which ever price you see fit but with that said we at eLands suggest you take a look at your competitors listed in your area to make a better decision.

It is obvious that keeping your prices low will generate more bookings but the amount of Services and Amenities that you offer can also play a big role when people evaluate your pricing. You should keep in mind that like any other business you should grow slowly and once you have positive reviews and bookings then you will be able to charge higher prices.

Try to get as much feedback from clients as you can for this is a great way to add value to your price.

Why is my Profile Picture Important?

We are sure you have heard of the saying ‘’A picture is worth a thousand words’’. It is no secret; the first thing your clients look at after they have a look at your listing is your profile picture. They will try to read your personality, way of life, culture, religion and moreover they will be looking if you are a ‘’normal trustworthy person’’. All this will go through their mind and in a second and they will make a quick judgment on whether to contact you or not.

We at eLands personally think that you don’t need a professional photographer to get a good picture of you. Infact we believe that this can be easily done by yourself and maybe with the help of some family or friends. To try help you get as much clients as your hart content we formulated a guide line to help those that like to get some pointers on how to get/ make a good profile picture.

What a good Profile Photo needs to show:

1.      Has to be taken in the right lighting. If you’re taking the photo in your home first is to find a window in that provides good lighting and clear out any clutter that may be around. If your taking a picture outside make sure that there is not too much light that the viewer can’t see your face and eyes properly.

2.      Try taking a colorful photo. Most of the people love colours and being dull won’t give a good impression to those looking for somewhere to have fun.

3.      Take a photo that screams your personality at its best and always smile.

4.     Try being original. Use your imagination, photography is an art and you will need to be creative. Don’t be boring, people are searching for those that are funny, joyful, kind and that give a warm welcoming feeling. Are you the night party type? Are you the loving family type? What you love doing best? All these questions can be useful in the creation of your unique profile picture.

   We suggest you ask some family or friends for their opinions. You will be amazed how much advice they can give you.


                You’re awesome! Now Share it with the world!


Here are some examples of great profile pics!



How do I list multiple rooms in the eLands Room Rental section, which are at the same address?

Listing multiple rooms requires the rooms to be created on separate listings. Every room should be allocated its individual listing, its own calendar and description of services. For example, if you wish to rent 2 rooms, you would need to create 2 separate listings.

In cases where the same property is listed as individual rooms and at the same time as a whole property rental you must make sure you are always managing and personally updating all your calendars as so to prevent double bookings.  In other words if you rent out the entire property make sure you update and personally block those days on all the other room listings that are of the same address. 

What does the room type of a listing mean?

One can find a wide variety of listings types on eLands but when it comes to listings for let (rent) all listings are categorized into the following three types:

Shared rooms are for you if you don't mind sharing a space with others for a comfy, communal experience. With a shared room, you're sharing the entire space with another person or persons. These rooms work best for the flexible traveler looking for a budget-friendly stay.

Private rooms are for you if you prefer privacy yet still value a local connection, often around a third of the cost of a hotel room. With a private room, you're sharing some spaces with others, but you have your own private space as well. Wake up to greet your new friends in the kitchen and have the freedom to bid them adieu at bedtime.

Entire homes/apartments are for you if you are seeking a home away from home with complete privacy and the freedom to kick your feet up. With an entire home/apartment, you've got the whole space to yourself. Be your own host, make your own breakfast, and remember to treat your listing with the respect and courtesy you would at your own home.

You can see a listing's room type in the listing's Description tab.

Listing Guidelines and Rules

When creating and adding a listing on eLands you are agreeing that we reserve the right to remove any content (in whole or part), that violates eLands guidelines that are clearly stated in the Terms of Service.

If any of the following are not adhered to, eLands will remove or ban the account in question and in some cases take legal action against those that:

  • Create a listing that advertises a product or service instead of a rental.

  • Enters Malware or virus links in his/her pages

  • Input any content that promotes violence or illegal activity

  • Input any content that is created to be used as extortion

  • Input any content that is fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive

  • Input any content that refers or reflects on an eLands investigation

  • Reviews or input any content that break the data protection act, violates another person privacy rights, example: typing lessor or tenant’s full name or address in a Review.

  • Attempts to impersonate another person

  • Use vulgar, threatening, libelous,  slanderous, obscene or any other improper language

  • Input any other content that breaks the Terms of Service agreement.