How can I promote my listing and how can I attract more prospective clients in eLands?

There are a number of ways to promote your listing on eLands. Here below are the steps one can take to increase the visibility of his/her listing on eLands.

 1. The first step is to create a good title followed by a very good description. Put yourself in the place of your clients and think what they would be looking for. You should name all the nearby public transportation and pharmacies. In the case of rentals you should also name all tourists attractions you know of in that area following with any popular events with specific dates, like a beer festival or a wine festival or sports events. The more information you give the more reason you give your clients to book or buy your property.


2. Set an attractive selling price. Before inserting any prices we advise you to check out the prices of your competitors in your area. We understand that most of the time the price reflects various factors like location and property condition.

You should keep in mind that most clients restrain the number of property and rentals searched within their budget.  


3. The third step is to fully complete each section of your eLands profile followed by all the information needed regarding your listing. It is vitally important to show all the requested information for it will attract you more clients.

Last but not least is to upload high-quality photos. Make sure to upload the right photos that give a good warm welcoming feeling. There is no harm to ask for advice from experts, depending on your area eLands can provide photographers/ editors and advisers in such a matter. Simply send a request with your inquiry to our dedicated eLands Support team.


4. The fourth step is to ‘’like’’ and ‘’tweet’’ your own listing on all your social media like Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of other free exposures out there, like creating a blog with the link to your listing or simply ask friends to make good comments about your listing.


5. The fifth way to maximize your exposure is to get one of eLands monthly advertisement plans where your listing will be advertised all over the globe on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and much more. (Being implemented soon)