How do I list my space on eLands?

1. The first step is to Sign up, create a great profile, and upload a profile photo.

2. Once you are signed in, listing your space is very easy, just click the List Your Space button and describe your space truthfully and accurately. Select the appropriate amenities to add more value to your listing.

3. Customize your pricing by adding a security deposit fee together with a cleaning fee, if needed, and a day to day/ monthly pricing on your calendar. You can customize particular day/s with different pricings.

Upon bookings the calendar updates automatically showing when your space is or is not available but you should remember to show your personal availability as well in the calendar to make sure tourists do not try to book your space when you are not available!

4. Last but not least input your payment information correctly so we can pay you!

Upon any reservation requests you will get a notification through mobile and email where you can browse your guest's profile and reply to any messages they may have sent. 

eLands will never provide anyone with your private information such as phone number or personal email, so you would need to reply back to them using the eLands messaging system. Once the booking is confirmed and your guest submits the booking deposit, the elands messaging system will enable you to share personal information such as phone/mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. eLands staff has the right to monitor chats to safeguard you!

Listing Guidelines and Rules

When creating and adding a listing on eLands you are agreeing that we reserve the right to remove any content (in whole or part), that violates eLands guidelines that are clearly stated in the Terms of Service.

If any of the following are not adhered to, eLands will remove and ban the account in question and in some cases take legal action against those that:

  • Create a listing that advertises a product or service instead of a Property for sale.
  • Enters Malware or virus links in his/her pages
  • Input any content that promotes violence or illegal activity
  • Input any content that is created to be used as extortion
  • Input any content that is fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive
  • Input any content that refers or reflects on an eLands investigation
  • Reviews or input any content that break the data protection act, violates another person privacy rights, example: typing lessor or tenant’s full name or address in a Review.
  • Attempts to impersonate another person
  • Use vulgar, threatening, libelous,  slanderous, obscene or any other improper language
  • Input any other content that break the Terms of Service agreement.