Will I need to pay taxes on my reservation bookings? 


Tax is a very delicate matter for it varies greatly from one country to another. Some hosts are required to charge a tax whilst others are not – eg. Dubai is tax free. We always suggest that the shown price on eLands includes such fees and if on any occasion there are other legal fees we ask the host to be very clear about it in the description.




What legal and regulatory issues should I consider when listing room and space rentals on eLands? 


Unfortunately the law is different in every country, in some countries the law restricts families to host tourists, in others the law requests you to get a permit or a license before you can bring in tourists. At eLands we strongly suggest you check your local laws for in some countries you might get fined if you host without permission or a license. When you are accepting our Terms of Service and activating a listing, you would be stating that you have everything according to the laws in your country.