How does the eLands payment system work?

Once you get a booking your clients will pay the reservation deposit. This deposit is forwarded to you 24 hours after your tenant checks in. The money will be deposited into your Paypal or bank account. The remaining payments come directly from your clients either in person when they come to stay in your rental or via any other transaction that you both agree on. You will need to know that there will be a small charge of 3% on the deposit transaction to cover the bank transaction fees. Other than that eLands makes money when you make money so your clients contribute an additional 3% to 10%.

It is free to list your space on eLands however there is an option that you might want to choose which is an advertising monthly plan (to be implemented later)

If the reservation request is declined or expires eLands does not charge any fee.

If the reservation is accepted, the payment is processed and the tenant would be requested to pay the reservation deposit including the eLands service fee which is 3% to 10% of the total amount. This money would be forwarded to eLands where it will be held for 24 hours after the tenant (tourist) checks-in.  This method gives both parties peace of mind when it comes to cancellation and tenant refund policies. 24 hours after check in, if there are no issues with your client/s and s/he finds everything in order, the money will be forwarded to your bank / PayPal account less 3% of this amount due to bank transaction fees. Your will receive the remainder of the payment directly from your clients either in person when they come to stay in your rental or via any other transactions that both parties agree on. 



What legal and regulatory issues should I consider when listing room and space rentals on eLands? 

Unfortunately the law is different in every country, in some countries the law restricts families to host tourists, in others the law requests you to get a permit or a licence before you can bring in tourists. At eLands we strongly suggest you check your local laws for in some countries you might get fined if you host without permission or a licence. When you are accepting our Terms of Service and activating a listing, you would be stating that you have everything according to the laws in your country.